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Un nuevo concepto culinario de Wilo Benet es cocinar después de 28 años. Prepárate para la evolución de nuestros grandes sabores y servicios. ¡Nuevas opciones facilitarán tus necesidades gastronómicas!

Un restaurante informal premium sin mantel y un menú muy amplio en contenido y precios. El menú incluye especialidades locales e internacionales, así como algunos de los clásicos de Pikayo y el extenso menú de Pikadera en el bar o la mesa.




A Premium Casual Restaurant & Bar with eclectic decor, service and ambiance featuring menus with global flavors, artisanal cocktails and a modern wine list to compliment our simple and comfort focused gastronomy this time around.



Is our Grab & Go concept of fully cooked and chilled packaged foods in a variety of sizes. Meant to facilitate your needs when it comes to food at home, boat, social events, office or simply when not in the mood for a restaurant experience or cooking for yourself. Our menus will include Meats, Fish, Seafood, Rices, Pastas, Sauces, Purees, Dips, Chips, Vegetables & Soups!



Is a Quick Service Bowl Food Concept, featuring everyday staples like Corned Beef Brisket Stew, Picadillo, Boneless Chicken Fricasee and Chopped Bistec Encebollado with a great variety of add on ingredients and preparations to personalize your own bowl on demand.



On site Hot Dog Cart Featuring Boars Head Frankfurters served in an artisanal bun and topped with premium versions of everything you love on your hot dog! from Onions, Sauerkraut with Bacon, Crispy Onions, Chicago style relish and Great Chili & Real Cheese Sauce,True Deli Mustard and of course crispy potato sticks!



A Premium Puerto Rican Alto Grande Coffee Beverages corner  with assorted House Made Small Tarts, Petit Creme Brûlée Torched for you on demand, Pastries, Forteza Chocolates, Quiches and Cortés Hot Chocolate!



Our Grab & Go store features many beverages ranging form Red & White Wines, Champagne, Local & Craft Beers, Fruit Juices, Sodas, Fiji Still Water, Perrier Flavored  & Traditional Sparkling Waters & Energy Drinks.

Galeria San Patricio Calle Tabonuco B-5 Suite A-1

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